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Service Impact Tool (SiT)

Our new Service Impact Tool is a quick, easy-to-use framework developed with Interactive Toolkits for recording the evidence needed to demonstrate the value of your services to local authorities, statutory services, and other key stakeholders.

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Guide to Being a Sensitive Contractor

Our new Guide to Being a Sensitive Contractor, produced with the kind support of Ian Williams Ltd., prepares contractors for working sensitively in older people’s homes in any setting. In addition to some general principles when working in anyone’s home, this guide covers a range of particularly age related issues. Some of this is of course common sense but not always common practice. We have put together some practical tips and good practice guidance in a handy, user-friendly format to help make home improvements a positive experience for older people. The guide is free to erosh members click here to view or click here to find out about joining erosh and benefiting from our full range of resources for members.

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