What we do

Our five year business plan sets out our achievements in previous years and our main objectives for the future as well as how we are managing risk. You can access our 2016-2021 business plan here.

At our Annual General meetings we review the previous year and present our plans for the forthcoming year as well as confirm any changes to erosh trustees and officers, and adopt the annual accounts. Members can access the minutes and presentations from our 2017 AGM here.

Our business plan is supported by an annual action plan which trustees regularly monitor. You can access our current action plan here.

Our 20th anniversary Impact Report also highlights our achievements since we were set up as well as outlining our plans for the next five years. Our priorities include:

  • Growing membership and building our financial strength
  • Maintaining existing and exploring new relationships including the commercial sector
  • Developing new resources and services to increase the value of your erosh membership
  • Promoting the benefits of housing and support services for older people to local and central government
  • With the help of our Service Impact Tool (SiT), continuing to evidence and promote the value of older people’s housing and support and the contribution it makes to saving money for health and social care
  • Developing new erosh networks
  • Developing a Welsh Service Impact Tool (SiT)
  • Securing new sponsorship opportunities

Our immediate priority is to develop new good practice and case studies for members. This is what we are currently working on:

  • Mobility vehicles (updated guidance)
  • Hoarding (updated guidance)
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults (updated guidance)
  • Loneliness and social isolation (new guidance)
  • Fire safety and sheltered housing (new guidance)

If you have any questions about our plans (or we would love you to suggest things for us to work on), please contact our Chief Executive, Rebecca Mollart at ceo@erosh.co.uk.