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Here you can keep up to date with the latest policy developments and their impact on you and your organisation.

Here is a list of our current policy briefings:

Funding for Supported Housing – Government Response

Following up from our response to the Government’s consultation on Funding for Supported Housing in January 2018 you can now click here to view what we said and a summary of all responses from p8 onwards.

Erosh response to the Social Housing Green Paper

The Government launched its Social Housing Green Paper on 13 August. Although it says very little which specifically relates to housing for older people, we have summarised the key points for you and where we think the opportunities have been missed to specifically mention sheltered and retirement housing.

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Consultation:  Housing costs for Sheltered and Extra Care accommodation (England)

As many of you will be aware, the UK Government has consulted on the new housing costs funding model for sheltered and extra care accommodation in England (click here for the consultation paper). We did of course consult with our members and submitted a response which you can read here.

Erosh explores … New General Data Protection Regulation

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May 2018 and introduces new requirements for how organisations process personal data. The fundamental principle behind the new regulation is the individual’s choice to say ‘no’. All organisations need to comply with the regulation for the whole time they process personal data. The GDPR strengthens some existing rights and includes some new rights. Our new Briefing examines the key changes and the implications for organisations and includes where to go for further information and a handy good practice checklist.

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Erosh update …. The third HAPPI report

This briefing summarises the third HAPPI report to be prepared for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Care for Older People. The previous two reports focused on the design and quality of specialist housing for older people. This report focuses on giving more control to older people over the management and delivery of services as well as ensuring access to a wider range of housing choices.

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Erosh update …. Future funding of supported housing

On 20 July, housing benefit (HB) and supported housing was debated in parliament and a call made to the Government to exempt supported housing from the planned cuts to HB and to consult further with supported housing providers to identify ways all vulnerable people who need supported housing can access it (and collect more evidence). We update you on what happened.

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Erosh explores …. Right to Buy and older people’s housing

The current Conservative Government has announced plans to extend the RTB to housing association tenants. Our briefing summarises the proposal and identifies some of the issues for providers of housing for older people in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

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And here is a list of our previous policy briefings:

Erosh explores …. The impact of the 1% rent reduction

Clause 21 of the Welfare Reform and Work Bill stipulated that registered social housing providers must reduce rents by at least 1% a year over 4 years. This briefing summarised the proposals for the introduction of the 1% rent reduction and identified some of the issues for providers of housing and support services for older people.

Access our briefing here

Erosh explores …. Care Act 2014 briefing and consultation

The Care Act received Royal Assent on 14 May 2014 and its provisions came into effect in April 2015. This briefing explained the background to the Act and its links with the Better Care Fund; helped you to navigate around the different parts of the Act; commented on the provisions from the perspective of erosh and its members; outlined the consultation process and timetable; and provided handy links to further information.

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Erosh explores …. What does the 2011 Census tell us about the ‘oldest old’ in England and Wales?

On 6 December 2013, Office for National Statistics (ONS) published “What does the 2011 Census tell us about the “oldest old” living in England & Wales? which examined the characteristics of people aged 85+ on Census Day 2011 including those living in communal establishments such as retirement homes and nursing homes. This briefing examined some of the key findings particularly relevant to those involved in the provision of housing and related support services for older people.

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Erosh explores …. Universal Credit Exempt Accommodation & Service Charges

Our briefing explained the type of accommodation and support services exempt from Universal Credit i.e. they continue to be eligible for subsidy through housing benefit (HB).

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Erosh explores …. draft Health and Social Care Bill

Our briefing provided an overview of the draft Health and Social Care Bill together with our response.

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Erosh explores …. Welfare Reform

Our briefing concisely highlighted some of the key issues of interest to erosh members.

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