Dealing with hoarding

Hoarding is a complex, often long term, behavioural pattern usually consisting of excessive clutter, difficulty in getting rid of items when they are no longer useful or needed and/or excessive buying/other acquiring and difficulty organising possessions. Collecting or owning lots of things is of course not hoarding. Hoarding becomes a disorder is when people collect and keep things to the point where it encroaches significantly on their living space which cannot be properly used and where it presents health and safety risks as well as causes stress and impacts on day to day living.

Our good practice guide covers:

  • Defining hoarding
  • Characteristics of hoarders
  • Working with people with hoarding behaviour

It also includes good practice examples and a handy checklist as well as signposting you to other sources of useful information.

Click here to go to our Dealing with Hoarding good practice guide.