Mobility scooters in the spotlight

Erosh will be publishing its good practice guidance on mobility vehicles in January.

Members have raised a number of issues with erosh about accommodating residents’ mobility scooters so we are working with HouseMark to develop guidance on the subject.

Undoubtedly, the mobility scooter makes a huge contribution to enhancing independence and the quality of life for older and disabled people. However, it does present some challenges for providers in terms of making adequate and appropriate storage and charging facilities and ensuring that mobility scooter users comply with relevant procedures and good practice.

Rebecca Mollart, our director of policy, is developing on-line good practice guidance on mobility scooters in conjunction with HouseMark and would like erosh members to share their experience and good practice with us.

If you have anything to contribute please email Rebecca so it can be considered for inclusion in the guidance on our Policy and Practice Portal.