Erosh Community


Our Community page is a noticeboard for erosh members to keep an eye on what is happening in the sector and with erosh, and for members to share what they are up to. Here we also tell you about any new good practice and share with you what else we are working on as well as asking you for your input.

For example:

  • New good practice in Fire Safety in Sheltered & Retirement Housing
  • New case studies
  • Latest job vacancies etc etc

Here you can also find information about our theme for 2017:

Celebrating Sheltered & Retirement Housing

We think sheltered and retirement housing is worth celebrating, don’t you? This year, when decisions about future funding are being made, we think it is worth shouting out about the great value and benefits of sheltered and retirement housing so other stakeholders better appreciate the role it plays in older people’s health and well-being, in maintaining independence, and in saving money for health and social care.

On this page you will find useful resources to help you celebrate and shout out about your sheltered and retirement housing as well as some fantastic case studies. Our Celebrating Sheltered and Retirement Housing resources include:

  • ‘Celebrating Sheltered & Retirement Housing’ paper which defines sheltered & retirement housing; captures our key messages about the value and benefits of sheltered & retirement housing; and includes national and local evidence and case studies which you can use to influence key stakeholders.
  • Downloadable ‘Celebrating Sheltered & Retirement Housing’  logo for you to use anywhere and everywhere to promote sheltered and retirement housing.
  • Downloadable ‘Celebrating Sheltered & Retirement Housing’ poster to display in your schemes with space for your scheme name and residents’ pictures.
  • Letter/email template to send to local councillors, MPs and other stakeholders to tell/remind them about the value and benefits of sheltered & retirement housing.

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